2020 Conference Presenters

Confirmed Presenters for the 2020 Conference:

This list will be updated each Friday, as we receive more confirmations.

Jo Andersson
Stockholm, Sweden

Tone Linghult
Stockholm, Sweden

Demo: Hot
Hot Glass, Cold Steel; Merging two Worlds

Martin Ehrensvard
California, USA

Aleksandra Pavlenkova

Demo: Hot
Cane Bending For Animal Sculpting

James Friedberg
California, USA

Demo: Hot
Through The Worm Hole. An Exploration Of Lines And Depth.

Rebekka Gutgesell

Demo: FLAME To Linger - To Reflekt - To Decide

Mark Hill
Maryland USA

Paul Swartwood
Maryland USA

Demo: Hot
Keeping mid-century Swedish glass techniques alive in a small Maryland studio

Riikka Haapasaari
Sunderland, UK

A symbiotic relationship between glassmaking and filmmaking in creative practice

Bruce Howard
Missouri, USA
Demo: Hot
Ecologically conscious dry sand casting and mold blowing

Sara Hulkkonen

Kirsti Taiviola

Collaboration and Skills in the Evolving Finnish Glass Education

Christopher McElroy
New York USA


Masters Degree in the Dark Arts 

Brady Moir
California, USA

Demo: Flame
Fumed Fillacello Bead

Timm Muth
North Carolina, USA
Lecture: Green
How Do We Make Fire Green? Today's Alternatives to Fossil Fuels.

Jonas Noël Niedermann

Demo: Hot
Floating Lines

Laura Quinn
United Kingdom


LECMO: Hot, Flameworking, 3D Printing

Exploring the Crossover Between Glass and 3D Printing to Make a Sustainable Practice

Frederik Rombach
Antwerp, Belgium

Glassblowing As A Language Tool For Immigrants: "Keep Turning"

Cathryn Shilling
London, UK


Demo: Hot
Wrap Up Warm! - An Innovative Approach To Combining Kiln Formed And Blown Glass

Christopher Skibbe
Virginia USA

Grant Garmezy
Virginia USA

Demo: Hot
Classical Technique Meets Modern Sculpture

Ella Varvio

Conscience Of Glass - Contemporary Glassmakers In Finland

Viczán Zoltán

Demo: Cold
Intaglio Engraving

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