Presenters & Schedule

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March 27, WEDNESDAY:

Registration opens

Special Events
Sarasota Day Trip +$ 150
Multi-Day Collectors Tour multi-day event +$1200
Pre-Conference Reception Chihuly Collection +$150 

March 28, THURSDAY:
Special Events Coldworking Demos Hot Glass Demos Flameworking Demos

Opening Ceremony
Opening Reception
Collectors Tours multi-day event +$

Tech Display Opens

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ginny Ruffner

Lifetime Membership Award: Robert Mickelsen

Keynote Lecture: TBD

Adrienne DiSalvo
Kathy Elliot

Kait Rhoads
John Webster
Mitcheal Veenstra & Catherine Wehlburg Vaz Zastera


Amie McNeel
Caleb Siemon
Ben Edols
Danny White
Sam Stang
Rob Stern
Robert Mickelsen
Mike Shelbo
Peter Muller
Fahan Sky McDonagh
Marcel Braun
March 29, FRIDAY:
Special Events
Collectors Tour multi-day event +$
Portfolio Review
Goblet Grab
Gallery Hop
MIT Glass Band

Named Lectures
Willson Lecture (TBD)

Littleton Lecture (TBD)

Labino Lecture - Lisa Beth Robinson & Kristin Thielking

Emerging Artists
Helen Stokes
Michael Saroka
Robert Lanteigne
Cold Working Demos
Jiyong Lee
Lisbeth Sterling
Hot Glass Demos
Alix Cannon
Brian Corr
Chuck Vannatta
Julia & Robin Rogers
Jerry Catania
Hot Demo Collaboration
Eli Cecil, Rob Stern, and Jeremiah Jacobs
Flameworking Demos
David Sandidge
Kit Paulson
Kathy Elliot
Emma Camden
Mathieu Grodet
March 30, SATURDAY:

Special Events
Collectors Tour multi-day event +$1200

Gala & Auction +$200   

Closing Night Ceremony +$40 *added fee for GUEST ONLY

Kim Harty, Sean Salstrom &
Matthew Szosz


Martin Blank, Dan Clayman & Albert Paley
Jing Li, William Warmus, Jiyong Lee & David Francis

Named Lecture
TAG - Boyd Sugiki & Bill Malatesta
Kenny Pieper

Jennifer Halvorson
Karlyn Sutherland 

Joseph Cavalieri

Hot Glass Demos
Devin Burgess
Jeff Ballard
Kentaro Yanagi
Stephen Rolfe Powell
Jason Christian
Kazuki Takizawa
Flameworking Demos
Chadd Lacy
Lacey (LaceFace) Walton

*Any event with "+$" requires a ticket at for an additional fee

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.