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What is the Glass Art Society conference?

The Glass Art Society holds an annual conference to bring together an international community of glass enthusiasts and artists from every discipline of glass. It is an opportunity for members to network with each other in various capacities: artists connect with gallery owners and others, collectors can meet their favorite artists, technical manufacturers and suppliers show customers the latest innovations. Through demonstrations, lectures, and panel discussions, members can learn new techniques and technical advances to further their skills. The conference is an occasion to become involved in the glass world and make important contacts.

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When and where is the next Glass Art Society conference?

2018 Murano, Italy May 16-19

More information to come. If you would like to be included in our mailing list please email  or call the GAS office at 206.382.1305.

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When will conference registration materials be available?

Conference brochures are generally mailed each November/December for the upcoming conference. If you are not in our database and would like to receive a brochure, please contact the GAS office.

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Do you have to be a member of the Glass Art Society to attend the conference?

Registration is open to all members of the Glass Art Society current through the conference date.  If you are not a current member, you can join GAS when you register. Registration forms will be available in the conference brochure and in the conference section of this website in December. Please fill out the form and send it to our office via mail, fax, or online. We are unable to accept registration by phone. For the 2018 conference, you would need to be a member of the Glass Art Society through May 2018.

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Can I bring my spouse, kids, next door neighbor, etc. to the conference?

The GAS conference is open to all current members and to those who become members through conference registration. However, there are many fun things in the host city/town to keep your loved ones occupied while you participate in the conference.

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Can I volunteer at the Glass Art Society conferences?

More than 100 people are needed in the days leading up to and during the conference. Volunteer and work exchange participation allows GAS to keep conference fees affordable for everyone, enriches your conference experience, and saves you money. We need volunteers for pre- and post-conference work as well as during the conference. Information is available in the pre-conference brochure and on the conference Work Exchange page.

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What is the work exchange program?

The work exchange program allows participants to attend the GAS conference at a reduced rate, in exchange for 12 hours of work. Work exchange participants who miss their work assignments during the conference will be held responsible to pay the full conference fee. When opportunities are available you may contact the GAS office for the work exchange applications or visit the conference Work Exchange page.

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How does one get to lecture/demonstrate at a Glass Art Society Conference?

The current procedure is as follows: A year and a half ahead of the conference there is a call for proposals (lecture/panel/demonstration/lec-mo). This can be a proposal for yourself, or a proposal of what you would like to have as a part of the program. Information and guidelines about presentation types and how to submit a proposal is available on our page, GAS Open Call.

Presentation proposals for the 2019 conference will open in late 2018.  Generally each year, proposal guidelines are included in the September/October issue of our GASnews newsletter, and online. Submissions can be made online through our website in the Call for Submissions Area.

Just after the proposal deadline each member of the GAS Board of Directors will review each proposal and give each a rating. Our new system will then average all the votes for each proposal. A year before the conference the Board of Directors meet at the conference site and plan the conference using the voting results. After the planning meeting, presenters are contacted as soon as possible and invited to participate and, after accepting, a formal contract is prepared. Please contact the GAS office with additional questions about submitting a conference proposal.

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How does one become a vendor in the Technical Display at the conference?

Technical Display is a market where one can find the newest and best equipment, supplies, services, publications and educational materials at GAS's annual conference.

All Technical Display exhibitors must be current members of GAS. Technical Display general information is printed in the pre-conference brochure and posted in the conference section of this web site as soon as it is available. Please contact the GAS office with additional questions about becoming a vendor at the Technical Display. Click here for details on the next Technical Display.

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What can I expect from an annual GAS conference?

Each year's offerings are posted on this website 6 months before the conference is scheduled to take place. There are a wide variety of events to satisfy many interests. Please check out the conference information (past and present) here.

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How can I get more information on the upcoming conference?

A full Pre-Conference Brochure is generally available on the Glass Art Society website each December. For the 2018 conference, it will be mailed out in November 2017. For additional information or to add yourself to the mailing list, contact the Glass Art Society office at 206-382-1305 or at 

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Please Note: The information is provided by the Glass Art Society. Please send comments, corrections and suggestions for improvement to 

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.