For Sale: Olympic GF 17E Glass Kiln

Originally purchased from Lance Taylor at the Oatka School of Glass in Batavia when they sold off their kilns and glass supplies, when they moved their business to the Carolinas. Originally paid $4,000 for it used, as is.
Some of the coils are in need of repinning, but totally work just fine. I bought it like this and I’ve used it for a few years and now looking to find its next home where it can benefit another glass studio.
Location: Rochester, NY, 14610, United States 
Footprint: 5 ft x 7.5 ft x 44″
Olympic GF 17E Glass Kiln
Cantilevered lid counterbalanced weights on pulleys. The lid is very heavy. You can attach weights and pulleys to the ceiling or weights to the back of the cantilevered lid. Either way, you’re going to need some extra help.
20,154 watt kiln. We have it hardwired into our 200 amp service. This does not come ready to plug and play.
RTC 1000 program programmable controller. Maximum temperature 1700°.
Asking $3,000 or best offer. No serious offers will be refused. Happy to make a deal to get this to its next home. It’s a solid workhorse of a kiln and we think it would be awesome in a production-style studio setting.
Buyer/new owners need to make their own transportation arrangements. We will disconnect it and get it ready to be picked up. It came in on a covered trailer and I’m guessing that’s how it’s going to have to be transported to the next studio.
For more information or to purchase this kiln, please contact Mark Groaning at 585-755-1313 or via markgroaningstudio (at)