Former Student Representatives

Shara Burrows

Shara Burrows grew up on the East Coast in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She has been working with glass for six years in a variety of capacities including scholarship student and staff member at Pilchuck Glass School, teaching assistant to Bridget Boss, artist assistant to Robin Cass and intern at Glass Axis.  She took her first glassblowing class during high school at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Shara then moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue her BFA at Columbus College of Art and Design. She graduated in 2003. Currently she is an instructor and MFA graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her thesis exhibition is planned for the spring of 2006. Her work has been exhibited in Ohio, Washington and New York. 



Susan Clark

Susan Clark, GAS Student Representative, began her education in glass while attending the University of Cincinnati, DAAP. In the summer of  2001 she attended a workshop at the Appalachian Center for Craft. The following year Susan transferred into the program and moved back home to Tennessee to finish her BFA. Currently she is working on her senior thesis in her last year at the Craft Center. In this year Susan was a Teaching Assistant for Elin Christopherson at Pilchuck Glass School during session one, she also received a scholarship from Pilchuck Glass School to attend a class with Harumi Yukutake, as well as a scholarship from the Craft Center, and finally received an opportunity to be one of eight Emerging Women artist to have a solo exhibition in the year 2004.


Karen Donnellan


Karen Donnellan is a Master of Fine Art candidate at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. A native of Bailieborough, Co. Cavan; she holds a Bachelor of Design in Glass from the National College of Art and Design and serves on the Glass Art Society board of directors as International Student Representative.

Donnellan has worked in the capacity of instructor, artist assistant, and teaching assistant at various glass studios in Ireland, the UK, France, and the US and has exhibited internationally also. She has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards and scholarships, including three Craft Council of Ireland Future Makers Awards and the Wallace Center Purchase Prize 2011.

Andrew Erdos

Andrew Erdos is a conceptual artist based in New York.  His multi-disciplinary works often combine blown and cast glass, new media, and performance. The artist’s meticulously fabricated objects and environments reference the complexity of the interdependent and often conflicting relationships between technology, nature, kitsch and the sublime.

Andrew Erdos served as the Student Representative to the Board of Directors  of The Glass Art Society from 2006-2007 before graduating from Alfred University.

Erdos has been exhibited internationally at venues including The Orlando Art Museum, Oklahoma City Art Museum, Toledo Museum of Art, Corning Museum of Glass, The Chazen Musuem, Knoxville Art Museum, National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, and The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia.

In 2014 Andrew Erdos received the Rakow Comission from the Corning Museum of Glass. The Artist is represented by Claire Oliver Gallery in New York, where he is currently preparing for his second solo exhibition in spring of 2015.

Emily Kuchenbecker


Emily Kuchenbecker was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for two years, for the start of her BFA. She then transferred to the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, where she is currently finishing her senior year in the 3D BFA program.

While enrolled at UWSP, Emily has attended many visiting artist workshops in order to expand her studio knowledge. She participates in the student organization SCULPT, as well as supporting the UWSP Glass Program as a studio intern.

Laura Luttrell

Laura Luttrell
initially attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio for three semesters, where she was a Computer Art/Photography double major. She transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University's School of the Arts and is in her final year of matriculation......if all goes according to plan she will receive her BFA in December of 2003. She also received a scholarship to study at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass; she was an assistant for Nick Mount at Penland School of Crafts, and has taken classes in Florence, Italy. Laura has shown in various exhibitions throughout Virginia and was the recipient of the Peachtree Award in the Visual Arts at VCU. She is currently also the Student Representative for the Peninsula Glass Guild.


Jessi Moore

JessiMooreStuRep_Portrait.jpgJessi Moore joined the Board of the Glass Art Society as the Student Representative in June 2011.  

Jessi Moore is currently a second year graduate student at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale working toward a Masters in Fine Arts degree in Glass. Originally from Seattle she has studied in Washington, Illinois, Hawaii and Denmark.

Jessi has worked as an instructor, teaching assistant and artist assistant at various glass studios. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships to study at Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Craft and The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass.


Shannon Piette

Shannon Piette is a 5th year Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, studying Studio Arts and Business Administration.  Originally from Appleton, WI she began working with glass at UWSP in 2009, being part of the 2nd hot glass class ever offered at the university.  She has experimented in a variety of techniques used to manipulate glass including, kiln-forming, kiln-casting, hot casting, and hot sculpting.  Shannon has been an active participant in increasing student as well as community involvement in the developing glass program and was a key contributor in developing the visiting artist program which has hosted Steve Protheroe, Kiara Pelissier, Jon Capps, Jason Forck, Robin Cass, Adam Holtzinger, Matte Eskuche, and her current instructor Jon Chapman.
Shannon served as the Glass Art Society Student Representative to the Board from June 2012 - September 2013.  

Jon Rees


Jon Rees, Past Student Representative, is currently a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts degree in Glass at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Jon also has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Alfred State College and worked for several years in the field of Architecture. It was during this time that he discovered the creative potential of glass through the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. At the Rochester Institute of Technology, Jon is interested in the connections that can be drawn between Architecture and Glass Sculpture. He draws inspiration from contemporary Architecture and Architectural Topics. Jon recently took part in an international glass symposium at Northlands Creative Glass Center in Lybster, Scotland.

Jon Rees acted as the Student Representative to the Glass Art Society Board of Directors from October 2013-2014.

Drew Smith

Drew Smith, Student Representative received his BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Glass Sculpture. He has attended Harriburg Area Community College, Millersville University, and RIT. He has lectured at various universities such as RISD and VCU concerning the participation of students within the glass art community. Drew has traveled abroad and had the opportunity to work in countries such as Italy, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. He is currently showing with Bullseye Gallery and the Society of Contemporary Crafts.


Amanda Wilcox

aWilcox_bio_GASweb.png AmandaWilcox-StuRep-Headshot.JPGAmanda Wilcox received her BFA in Glass and Visual Culture Studies from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2015. Her conceptual works exist in video documentation of endurance performance, sound recordings, and as remnants of glass cullet from preexisting objects. She is driven by process of making and deconstructing with efforts in comprehending levels of distortion in information from the past. Amanda currently works for Bullseye Glass Co. and will be a Retail Sales and Studio Instructor in their new Resource Center in South Pasadena, California.

Amanda Wilcox served as the Student Representative to the Glass Art Society Board of Directors in 2014-2015.

Benjamin Wright

Benjamin Wright, GAS Student Representative, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1998 with a Bachelors degree in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology. Shortly thereafter, he discovered hot glass and thus ended his career as a biologist. After a year working as an assistant in several New England studios, he moved to Tennessee to enroll in Curtiss Brock's program at the Appalachian Center for Crafts, where he is currently pursuing a BFA. In the last year, Ben has been a Niche finalist and has received scholarships from GAS and Penland School of Crafts.

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