GAS Emergency Relief Fund: New York

The Glass Art Society is dedicated to lending a helping hand to our members to offset the negative effects brought about by the spread of and resulting quarantine situations of COVID-19 (coronavirus). 

This fund, made possible by the Corning Incorporated Foundation, is open to current GAS members located in New York state. Qualified applicants may be independent artists, small business owners, or freelance glassworkers; they cannot be students, large businesses, institutions, or non-profit organizations. Funds are distributed as $500 emergency assistance grants. 

Examples of what the GAS Emergency Assistance Stipends can help to cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Income loss
  • Canceled orders
  • Medical costs
  • Shop closures
  • Canceled events
  • Canceled teaching contracts


To receive an emergency assistance grant from any one of the Glass Art Society Emergency Relief Funds, please fill out the following application and select the fund that applies to you and your location.