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Know someone who would love a GAS membership?

Let someone special start enjoying all of the great benefits of membership today! With our support we can grow as artists, educators, suppliers, collectors, critics and as an industry as a whole.


Prefer to mail or fax the membership form? Download the paper form.
Be sure to enter the lucky recipient's information in the membership application form—then on the billing page where you enter your credit card number (Visa/Mastercard) make sure you change the name and address to your billing information. The new member will receive notice of their gift membership at the email address you enter and can then login and update their profile with images, a biography, etc. and edit their password to something of their choosing.
Contact the GAS office with additional questions at 206-382-1305 or . Mon-Fri, 9-5 PST. 



The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.