Landscape of Glass Art in America


In 1962, glass pioneer and University of Wisconsin ceramics professor Harvey Littleton launched the first glass program and brought the idea of studio glass in the United States to fruition. Since those beginnings just over 50 years ago, interest and experimentation with glass art flourished. At this stage of the community’s growth, the timing was right to capture the realities of our industry today.  

In November 2015, the Glass Art Society and Chihuly Garden and Glass aspired to answer the question, “What is the current state of glass art in America?” The two organizations, in collaboration with GMA Research, partnered to conduct a comprehensive study to gauge public interest in glass art, explore the activity taking place in different regions renowned for glass art, and provide a benchmark by which to measure future growth and trends in the industry.

The survey provides food for thought as we consider how to continue to increase awareness for glass artists and growth the community at large.

At 50+ years, the conversation is just beginning.

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