Student Liaisons

Keep Your School In the Loop

The Glass Art Society recognizes one Student Liaison per accredited school each year to represent the students and professors for that school. The Student Liaison communicates directly with the Student Representative regarding GAS events and opportunities. The liaison aids in the exchange of information between the Student Representative and their peer students, their advisors, and their school. Student Liaisons should commit to at least one full school year of participation with the opportunity to extend their term longer.  



The Student Liaison must be enrolled in an accredited, degree-granting program, and maintain current student membership with GAS.



  • Student Liaisons act as an active coordinator for their school, disseminating information and ensuring that all information sent to GAS is on time and correct, meeting all deadlines and requirements.
  • Liaisons keep track of GAS members at their school
  • They encourage their peers to become GAS members
  • They maintain contact with the Student Representative regarding concerns and ideas to help students be active members.
  • They promote and encourage participation in GAS' member-only events and student opportunities such as:
    • Student Scholarships - financial assistance to attend the annual conference
    • Research Presentations - sharing your research at the annual conference
    • Portfolio Review - critiques from seasoned glass artists and professionals
    • Student Exhibition - annual on-site and online exhibition to build your resume



Contact with your name, email, school and program, and a brief statement of interest. 

The term lasts for at least one year and allows students to gain insight into the workings of the organization while giving invaluable assistance to the growth of the glass network. Prior to their term end, liaisons are asked to recommend someone to fill their position.

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.