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About the TAG Grant
2016 Grant Recipient (PDF)
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About the TAG Grant

Technology Advancing Glass (TAG) is an initiative geared to assist the advancement of the glass arts by providing an annual research grant to an artist or group of artists to fund research into new materials, techniques, making methods, or applications of technology that will generally advance the field of art made with glass.

Applications: The TAG Grant will not be available in 2017. Currently we are evaluating the TAG Grant Program. We will keep you informed when the TAG Grant will be offered again. Stay tuned for deadlines and submission information. 


2016 Grant Recipient


October 4, 2016 — The Glass Art Society is pleased to announce that the 2016 Technology Advancing Glass (TAG) Grant will support “3-D Animated Glassblowing Tutorials,” an innovative project proposed by Boyd Sugiki. Sugiki will be awarded $5,000 USD to transform his 2-dimensional glassblowing teaching diagrams into 3-dimensional animations. The animations will not only illustrate key points in shaping various forms in blown glass, but will also show indicators of heat, directional pressure, and the intensity of pressure being applied to the glass form.

In 2014, the TAG Grant was established with the purpose of providing financial support for projects that employ a technological approach to solving a problem or researching an idea related to the field of glass art. This program follows the worldwide educational trend that combines science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with the arts (STEAM) to accelerate the development of new, expressive forms.

Through technology, Sugiki’s project will contribute greatly to advancements in the field of glass art education. “We will be able to create educational tools from which I, as well as others, can utilize for teaching and ultimately for students to learn from,” said Sugiki. “The benefit to the larger glass community lies within the transferability of knowledge exponentially.” The drawings and videos will be linked to The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass where the public can view, download, and share them.

The Glass Art Society would like to thank Ted and Melissa Lagreid for their support of the 2016 TAG Grant. If you would like to donate to this fund, please visit


Past Recipients


Saman Kalantari, Flexible Glass Sheet (FGS) - $5,000
Michal Czeisler, Glass Paper - $2,000
Jin Wan Han, 3D Rendering for Glassmaking - $2,000
Chrysler Museum Glass Studio and National Institute of Aerospace at Langley, Additive Manufacturing of Glass Matrix Composites - $2,000


Anna Mlasowsky, Computer-Aided Mold Making for Moldless Pâte de Verre - $5,000
Erin Dickson, 3D Printed Photographic Imagery in Waterjet Cut and Cast Glass - $2,500
MIT - Michael Stern, Sheyra Dave, Markus Kayser, and John Klein, Molten Glass 3D Printer - $2,500

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