The Glass Pledge Update: Stop Asian + AAPI Hate


We are outraged and saddened by the surge in hate crimes against the Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander communities in the United States and abroad, many of which have targeted women. We unequivocally denounce these acts of hate and stand in solidarity with our AAPI and Asian friends, family, and neighbors across the globe. Furthermore, we do not tolerate violence of any kind against any individual—no matter their background, occupation, or status. We’ve collected some resources that we hope will help anyone affected by this or similar trauma. 

Mental Health Resources

Safety + Advocacy Resources

Sources Include: +

What can we do to support Asian, BIPOC, and BAME artists?

How GAS is taking action so far:

  • Partnering with @createtostophate to promote their auction benefiting Stop AAPI Hate (Round 2 starts March 26) 
  • Showcasing artist statements in their original language while also offering more translation options. (Winter 2021)
  • Working with non-English-speaking artists to find translators so that we can showcase their talents at VIRTUAL 2021. (Spring 2021)

How do we build safe community spaces, free of hate?

How GAS is taking action so far:

  • Established clear social media community guidelines that reject hate speech and abuse of any kind. (Fall 2020)
  • Adding an International Student Rep to our Board to better represent the needs and perspectives of the glass community across the globe. (Spring 2021)
  • Showcasing and discussing thought-provoking artwork that addresses poignant or controversial issues like sex work, identity, and more. (Ongoing)

We are also continuing to take steps to address racial inequity within our organization and the greater glass community as a part of The Glass Pledge. Taking an intersectional approach, The Glass Pledge aims to create opportunities for and tear down barriers between underserved and underrepresented populations across our creative community. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of identity, everyone should have access to working with glass in safe and welcoming environments. GAS remains committed to achieving this reality in our organization and across the global glass community, and we continue to take steps toward it every day. 

Help us do more! Share your ideas with us!

Help us do more! Share your ideas with us! What are you doing to #StopAAPIHate, #EndViolenceAgainstWomen, and #ChangingGlassForGood? How are you staying committed to showing that #BlackLivesMatter? How are you building safe spaces where all people can enjoy glass free of hate and prejudice?

Head to the Glass Art Society Instagram and share your experiences, insights, and ideas.