Caitlin Vitalo


Caitlin Vitalo
Education Coordinator, Hunterdon Art Museum
Glassblowing | Kiln Cast Glass
Member Since 2007

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in central Massachusetts and that’s also where I found glass art. I took my first glass blowing class in high school at the Worcester Center for Crafts with Alex Bernstein. I went to Alfred University and received my BFA in 2010 and after a few years of working in production glass I went on to receive my MFA in glass from the Tyler School of Art & Architecture in 2018. Since graduating I have joined the education team at the Hunterdon Art Museum in New Jersey. Hiking is my second passion in life so if I’m not working or making glass art, I’m hiking.

What themes do you pursue in your work?

In my work, I try to make the invisible visible. The transparent qualities of glass really lend themselves to that theme. I often create intricate and time-consuming pieces that call into question societal systems that promote inequality and divisiveness. Through research and observations, I’ve seen how these systems have embedded themselves in society and tend to exist under the radar. I use display, the uncanny, and recognizable objects to wake viewers up to issues of complacency and apathy.

Why are you a member of the GAS Board/Staff?

I became a member of GAS when I was in college at Alfred University in 2007. I loved attending the conferences, seeing new techniques, and meeting all the amazing people that were part of the GAS community. In 2017, I joined the board as the student representative and helped give a voice to student members of GAS as well as helping plan the conferences that I had enjoyed attending in the past. When my time as student representative ended I was thrilled to join the board as secretary. I love volunteering my time to contribute my skills and ideas to play an active role in keeping our community connected in order to collectively grow as artists, makers, and creatives.

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