The GAS Green Committee encourages artists to implement all energy-saving upgrades or strategies that are compatible with their studio operations. Every increase in combustion efficiency or reduction in fuel use results in lower levels of emissions. 

As Advocates for a cleaner world, GAS encourages its members to incorporate sustainable energy resources into their practice whenever possible. Glass artists have an opportunity to present the use of renewable fuels to the public in a unique and awe-inspiring manner. By using biogas or other renewable fuels, artists can demonstrate the power and versatility of alternative fuels within the exquisite backdrop of glass artwork.

Carbon in Glass Art

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We launched our very first green exhibition titled Trace: An Exploration of Sustainable in Glass Art at VIRTUAL 2021. Featuring 3 award winners and 3 honorable mentions, we were blown away but the outstanding submissions for this inaugural exhibition. 

Celia Garland, How Green is Your Footprint?, Reclaimed Bottle Glass, reclaimed wire (flameworking), 2021, 1.5” x 12” x 18” (Photo: Celia Garland), $500

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Search through our collection of community submitted resources to learn what others are doing about being more sustainable in glass art. 

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Inspired by our #MemberSpotlight series, these new #GreenSpotlight features are open to any glass organization or artists across the globe who are making strides in environmental sustainability and green practices. Explore the posts below to learn more!

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