Plasma Art Alliance

Tell us about yourself.

The Plasma Art Alliance is an international art organization representing over 100 artists and enthusiasts of the sculptural medium of lighted plasma in glass. We strive to foster advancements in the field through educational outreach and resources for artists, and to promote the artistic potential of plasma light art within the glass art community and beyond.

What is your latest project?

With our new online virtual exhibition, “A Flowering of Hope,” we want to use the symbolic power of light art to promote a renewal of hope in these challenging and difficult times. Artists from around the world have created their own individual messages of hope, inspired by the metaphor of a wildflower garden that blooms anew even after the most troubled winter.  “A Flowering of Hope” showcases more than 20 original lighted artworks that use a unique fusion of materials including inert gas, glass, and electricity—to send a unified message of hope, resilience, and inspiration.

George Aitken, Angelina Almukhametova/Emilia Vidal-Hallett, Dan Caven, Steven Ciezki, Steven Cole, Patrick Collentine, Mike daPonte, Jonathan Michael Davis, Alissa Eberle, Candice Gawne, Mundy Hepburn, Eve Hoyt, Ed Kirshner, Abigail Krause, Jess Krichelle, Kaelyn McGowen, Anders Mikkelsen, Museum of Neon Art (MONA), Linda Sue Price, Cary Rapaport, Aaron Ristau/Dina Kalahar, Harriet Schwarzrock, Wayne Strattman, David Kazumi and Shion Svenson, Bernd Weinmayer, Hoseok Youn

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Many of the PAA’s members are also members of the Glass Art Society, and we invite glass artists who are interested in learning more about plasma to explore the many resources available at The field of plasma art is evolving, both from a technical standpoint and in its potential for creative expression, and we are looking forward to fostering its growth in the future.

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