Nadania Idriss


Nadania Idriss
Founder & Director of Berlin Glas e.V.
Board of Directors Vice President, Glass Art Society
Member Since 2011

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from California but have been living and working in Europe for 25 years. I studied Islamic Art and Architecture, moving to London just after finishing my Master’s Degree at the University of Victoria in Canada. I’ve worked at the British Museum, and then UNESCO until I moved to Berlin in 2005 to work at the Museum of Islamic Art. When I was doing my BA at UW in Seattle, I worked at the Shoreline Rec Center as an arts programmer, and was a volunteer at the Seattle Art Museum in education. I was also a volunteer at Pilchuck giving campus tours during the annual open house (ah, the connection to glass!). I’ve always gravitated towards community service and find glass to be the most amazing material to bring people together to work in a team. Therefore, in 2010 after having lived in Berlin for nearly 5 years, and having volunteered at a youth center, I got inspired to open Berlin Glas, in order to start a program like Hilltop Artists. We called it Kids Blow Glas, and it was launched 6 months after the studio opened in December 2011 with Jeff Ballard and Anne Petters (both GAS members!) helping me.

What draws you to the material you work with?

The fact that it takes a team, the material serves as the perfect “meeting point” to bring people together, to open up, and hold a conversation.

What is something about you that most people don’t know?

I’m not an artist. I can barely draw a stick figure! 🙂

Why are you a member of the GAS Board/Staff?

GAS is a wonderful platform and a great resource about the material. The conference is uniquely geared for multiple disciplinary fields, including academics. I don’t know of another society that is so diverse and gives equal attention and is so inclusive. I am really honored to be a board member and doubly honored to have been elected this year as Vice President!

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